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Most students are excited about aerospace related topics and advances but, at the same time, they feel aerospace is a dream, something not reachable for students or for the general public.

In order to promote awareness and enthusiasm for this and related STEM fields, we developed a proposal for an interactive virtual education course available to schools and communities. We want the students to create their own low cost CanSat, and since it is important that they can also test the CanSat, we also provide them the knowledge to create their own low cost balloon capable of taking the CanSat to near-space. With this project we want to provide the next generations with an accessible approach to one of the most hands-on ways to learn about the aerospace science.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends of the launch configuration and local government regulations.

For launches in Chile, the DGAC (General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics) must approve every balloon launch to avoid putting in risk aircraft’s. Approved Requests receive a temporal NOTAM (Note to Airmen).

Please refer to your country’s aeronautics authority for further information and laucnh request procedures.

Bill Of Materials for OctaSat SN3 Prototype

Raspberry Pi Zero W118.13Mouser USAhttps://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/713-110991025
GY-91 (MPU9250 & BMP280)19.78Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/sensores/otro/sensor-gy-91-mpu9250-bmp280-acelerometro-giroscopio-magnetometro-altimetro
GY-213V (HDC1080)14.57Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/sensores/hum/sensor-de-humedad-y-temperatura-gy-213v-hdc1080
2500 mAh 18650 Li-Ion Battery14.47Mouser USAhttps://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/406-ASR00050
Ublox NEO-6M GPS19.52Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/modulos/gps/motores/modulo-gps-neo-6m
HopeRF RFM-95W LoRa board212.7Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/wireless/lora/rfm95-modulo-lora-915mhz-
Raspberry Pi 3B+158.4MCI Electronics Chilehttps://www.mcielectronics.cl/shop/product/raspberry-pi-3-modelo-b-raspberry-pi-25300
SMA Female 90° PCB connector23.81Zamper Store ChileInternal Inventory
Micro Buzzer10.45Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/modulos/sonido/buzzer
M3 Bronze Spacer20.71Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/montaje/separadores/separador-espaciador-de-bronce-m3-variedad#/42-espaciado-10mm
M3 Bolts20.48Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/montaje/tuercas-y-tornillos/tornillo-metalico-pack-de-5-m3-6-30mm#/233-altura_o_largo-5mm
915MHz 1/4 wave antenna110.03CIT LTDA ChileNo online stock
18650 SMT Battery holder11.27Zamper Store ChileInternal Inventory
1603 SMD Resistors2 strips0.25Zamper Store ChileInternal Inventory
DM-13 5V Step-Up Regulator12.03Zamper Store Chilehttps://zamperstore.cl/modulos/alimentacion/step-up-dm13-12
1.6mm Double-Sided PCB14.57 (22.87 whole purchase)JLCPCB Chinahttps://cart.jlcpcb.com/quote
PLA filament 1.75mm diameter12.253D Para Todos ChileNo longer Available
Directional Aluminum 915 mHz Antenna1N/A--

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