Octa Aerospace Director's Board helds a meeting with Chilean Air Force "FACh" officers

Establishing collaboration opportunities for the development of the space sector in Chile

At July, 8th 2021, Representatives of the Chilean Air Force (FACH) met with the Octa Aerospace team, with the subject of covering matters related to the Chile National Satellital System “SNSAT” and its educational outreach program, discussing about establishing collaboration intitiatives between Octa Aerospace and FACh.

“This meeting marks the beginning of a new phase for our company, aiming to be active participants in this new space era for our nation” quotes the CEO and founder of Octa Aerospace, Manu Pardo.

The Role of Octa Aerospace in the Educational Sector

IThe first product of the company, has been developed with the mission of providing an affordable but complete educational tool for STEM education applied to the field of space exploration and aerospace engineering, creating a CanSat device that has similar characteristics to a nanosatellite without reaching orbit nor having active attitude control systems.

CanSats are a proven mechanism to teach to students ranging from primary school to even universities, being widely used in European nations and North America.  Octa Aerospace is working to introduce CanSats as an innovative tool to support the SNSat Educational Program.

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