Octa Aerospace

Who We Are

Octa Aerospace is a new company based in Chile, founded by a team of eight students with various backgrounds in Science, Technology, Public Policies and Education

Our Company

Octa Aerospace was born with the objective of being the first private aerospace company in Chile to manufacture components for CubeSats. The company was created in July 2021 with students from the SIMES Science Academy with the common idea of undertaking in the technological development of the nation.

In the short term, Octa Aerospace is working on the development of educational kits to bring STEM education to schools in Chile, providing the tools and introductory training so that students can learn about Chile’s National System and participate in this new stage of the country.

Our Team

Manu Pardo

Chief Executive Officer

Adonis Tello

Chief Financial & Legal Officer

Catalina Miranda

Chief Intelligence Officer

Carlos Pinto

Chief Technology Officer

Fernanda Acuña

Public Affairs Officer

Jorge Gallardo

Chief Operating Officer

Matilde Gaete

Development team & Marketing

Rodrigo Flores

Software Development Director